GOOD NEWS – Noida just gets li’l more `livable’

With higher livable quotient giving it a boost, Noida is all set to be the residential haute spot in the days to come
The recent revision of Okhla eco zone and an international consultancy’s report showing that Noida continues to be the most livable city, has brought a lot of joy among the residents and homebuyers. The ‘Residential Preference Survey 2015’, compiled by real estate services and consultancy giant Colliers International, India, ranked five NCR cities across political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors. The report shows Noida is the best NCR city to live in because its civic infrastructure is more evolved and cost of living is moderate.This has helped the city have an edge over Gurgaon which emerged as NCR’s office district. Faridabad has been found to be the most stable and Ghaziabad the least. The research was compiled by Colliers International, India, with the help of field experts and secondary sources such as Google and government databases. The high livability quotient for the city has cheered both, the developers and the residents of the city.

RK Arora, chairman, Supertech Limited, says, “The sudden spurt in population has brought real estate in Noida to new heights. Noida gives its customers a better access to affordable housing, water and power, public conveyance, Metro connectivity, etc. The residential projects have excellent connectivity to medical facilities, shopping centres, malls, cine plexes and schools making Noida a best buying out option in NCR. With the progression of various industries, educational institutions and training centres, Noida is becoming a big fish in the NCR and mostly getting preferred by the customers who can avail outstanding infrastructure and plethora of amenities to enjoy for.“

The survey found that Noida gave its residents a better access to budget housing, public transport, water power and parking while same was missing in Gur gaon. The survey re veals what makes living in Gurgaon more challenging is the fact that it is amongst the costli est cities of NCR. In economic indices, Gurgaon at 160.27 points and Noida stood at 93.94 points.

Dhiraj Jain, director, Mahagun, says, “Noida has registered the fastest growth in the real estate sector in the country. It has become one of the top-realty destinations owing to its world-class infrastructure and amenities, connectivity with neighbouring states, proximity to the IGI Airport, and Metro rail. With wide and better roads, public transport connectivity in each part of Noida, low cost of living and large green landscape areas, making it more feasible for the residents. Investors can get better option in terms of quality and area against the same amount invested in other alternate destinations.

The survey has also changed the perception about Gurgaon being the upcoming residential hub in the NCR. “For a city which was developed only 39 years ago, Noida’s story has been one comparable to none. The erstwhile trans-Yamuna neighbouring city of Delhi is now a key hub for real estate, entertainment, IT, education, all alike,“ says a Wave Infratech spokesperson.

Source: Times of India, 30th August 2015

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