Noida Expressway the Best Property Options: Underpass would Be Developed at Sector 44

Noida Expressway the Best Property Options: –

The drive between Noida and Delhi could soon be shorter and smoother with the Noida Authority planning to build an underpass near Sector 44 at the mouth of the Noida-Greater Noida expressway.


The project, which will cost an estimated Rs 50 crore, will cut down the distance between Noida and Delhi by about 7km and will also improve connectivity along the expressway, officials said. As of now, commuters travelling from sectors 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 96, 97, 98, 99 have to take a long detour and travel up to Sector 105.


Authority officials said that the underpass would be constructed near the Balika Inter College in Sector 44, and the proposal has already been approved by Noida’s chairperson and CEO, Rama Raman. A detailed project report and estimates for the project will now be finalized.


Giving details of the project, officials said that the underpass would be abutted by Sector 44 on one side and sectors 125 and 126 on the other. Its length will be about 500-600 metres and it is proposed to have four lanes. “Once in place, the underpass is expected cut travel time between Noida and Delhi,” said an official.


Even though there is already an underpass between sectors 97 and 127, the width of the stretch is too narrow which means that only light motor vehicles and two-wheelers can use it. Buses and other heavy vehicles have to take a longer route to travel to Delhi which leads to congestion along the expressway and on the Mahamaya flyover.


“The aim is not only to do away with the detour but also remove gridlocks between Noida and Delhi,” the official said.


The Noida Authority is also planning to widen five underpasses along the 24.5-km expressway. Officials said that a survey has been carried out and in the first phase, the underpass between sectors 97 and 127 will be widened. Later underpasses located near sectors 108, 128, 135,137, 144, 161 and 149 will also be widened. Work on these will be done using the push-back technology so that the traffic along the expressway is not affected during the revamp, officials said.

The Options such as Jaypee Wish Town,  Jaypee Sports City,  Jaypee Greens

Source: timesofindia


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